The Ruckelshaus law firm was established in 1895 by John C. Ruckelshaus, grandfather of former senior partner, John C. (“Jack”) Ruckelshaus. Throughout our history Ruckelshaus, Kautzman, Blackwell & Bemis has purposefully remained a small, client focused firm.

Many distinguished attorneys have practiced law with the firm including, Gerald Reilly, the primary author of the Taft-Hartley Act, George Craig, former Governor of the State of Indiana, former Indiana Supreme Court Justice Arch Bobbitt, John O’Connor, Paul G. Roland, and William Ruckelshaus, former Acting United States Attorney General, Acting FBI Director, and the first Director of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

In 2015 our former senior partner Jack Ruckelshaus passed away.  Under Jack’s leadership our firm became widely recognized as the leading advocate for police officers and firefighters in the State of Indiana.  Jack was instrumental in passing legislation for the betterment of all of the brave men and women of public safety.  Jack was General Counsel to the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police and the Professional Firefighters Union of Indiana, and served as General Counsel to the National Fraternal Order of Police.

The current attorneys of RKBB are John Kautzman, Leo Blackwell, Elizabeth Bemis, Andrew Duncan, Edward Merchant, Martin Brown, Stephanie Truchan, and William Hasbrook (Of Counsel).

After over one hundred years of providing excellent legal service to the Indianapolis community and clients throughout the State of Indiana, the current attorneys of RKBB are committed to serving your legal needs as well.

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